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Can I sell items made with the Handmaiden's Cottage Patterns? 

Yes you can! Selling handmade boutique items through an Etsy shop is how the Handmaiden's Cottage got got its pattern inspiration. In support of the handmade marketplace, we do permit use of our patterns for the resale of finished products by individuals who sew and sell on a small scale.  Any mass production is prohibited. We appreciate that you chose to feature an finished design using our pattern in your shop and if possible would love credit for the design. 

Can I share my purchased patterns with others? 

Kindly please do not share your purchased pattern(s). They are original designs and are for personal use only. However, we do offer discounted wholesale prices for group sewing and classes. Please inquire at 


© 2008 - 2017 The Handmaiden's Cottage: All designs, illustrations and photographs are protected under federal copyright. Making copies of patterns (in whole or part) including electronic transfer to distribute for free or sale is strictly prohibited.