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Everyday Apron Sew Along~ Round up

Posted by Jaime Naples on

Everyday Apron Sew Along~ Round up

That's A Wrap!

       As fun as sew along can be, the final results are a definitely the fan favorite. Some of you may be wondering "Why should I participate in a sew along? "  The obvious reason would be to share inspiration, to exchange sewing tips and to receive assistance along the way when constructing the designated pattern. While this is very true, I would have to say that the the BEST part is the conversation, unconditional support and camaraderie that is develops throughout the event. Most of these ladies, whom I have never met in person but feel that I have known for quite some time, live all over the W-O-R-L-D!  Pretty neat, right? Over the past 3 years that I have been part of the sewing community, my experience has been a very positive one. I am grateful that my mom and brainchild behind the Handmaiden's Cottage, encouraged me to join the family business that she started 10 years ago.  Sewing brings together international friendship seeking a common goal: to create something beautiful. One of the things that I have always loved about art in general is that your creative vision can not really be wrong.  It is truly your own self- expression. While there is a technical and mathematical side to sewing, the integration of the creative expression is a lovely artful journey. 

Now, if you don't sew, your in luck! You can purchase this gorgeous high-quality handmade Everyday Apron in lightweight canvas whimsical Alice in Wonderland fabrics from Rifle Paper Company.  Made by Lynn and now available online at Three Labs Salvage! 

So let's see some finished aprons from the Everyday  Apron Sew Along Event, shall we? 

I believe that the  Everyday Apron Set for Women and Girls  is the perfect sew-to-sell item. Originally, this was my intention during the sew- along BUT as the fabric pieces came together, I fell more in love with the finished garment. Does that happen to you? So this one we are going to keep at home as the fabrics are inspirational as it the apron is practical. So I bribed my daughter with some ice cream (thank goodness she still models for sweets, haha)  and we headed up to the local library to take some modeled photos to share with all of you. 




 Aprons aren't just for cooking! The pockets on this apron can really hold many treasures and supplies. Wear it on nature walk, carry tools for repairs around the house, or while gardening and collecting flowers around the yard.



Amna used a vintage looking fabric for her little one that was reminiscent of her childhood. She even cutout pieces of the fabric to applique on the pockets which is a great way to add your own touch to the apron. Didn't it turn out lovely? The pockets are perfect for carrying along favorite toys too!

Amna even made one for her DD's Dolly. Three words: Cute. Cute. Cute!


Sewing Tip for the Pockets: Remember our friend Cathie? She made 15 Everyday Aprons for her granddaughters, their dolls and friends! You can see some of her aprons here.She shared an awesome sewing tip for reinforcing the pockets of the apron: Before adding the bias binding to the pockets, zig zag stitch the front pocket to the pocket lining for extra sturdiness. This is especially helpful for the Girls Everyday Apron since children can be a bit hard on their things. 

She made the adorable Doll and Child's Ballerina Apron below. 


Stacy wowed us with her creative prowess by making FOUR half aprons for teacher gifts. So many different styles using one pattern. They all look pretty fabulous and I am sure that the teachers will be very excited to receive them. Stacy added front pockets (which are not in the pattern instructions) to give each apron their own flair. Sew creative! 

For the green and pink alphabet apron below, Stacy created an extra large front pocket panel by using the center skirt panel and cutting it down a inch or so. So this apron really has 4 pockets! Just another creative way to make the already practical apron even more useful, especially for teachers of young students. 

Just look at the scallop detail on this one! Nice touch, Stacy. I love how the bias binding matches the waist ties. If you would like to make your own, Melisha  suggested this YouTube Tutorial for Making your own Bias Binding. 

Carolyn chose an adorable whimsical print for her apron. The polka dot contrast fabric is the perfect compliment to her apron. The fabric reminds me of the days gone by when I had 3 babies under 3 years old at one time. The design is a perfect depiction of those long mornings of wondering how the heck I was going to get everything done in a day. Then only to look at the clock, I would realize it was still soooo early in the morning !?! 


 Tenley sewed up the Women's and Girls version of the Everyday Apron. Her fabric choices are so bright and cheery with a vintage vibe. I am certain the little recipient of this apron is going to love her matching apron! 

When we did the test for the Everyday Apron Pattern, our friend Marlene came up with this festive apron the would be awesome for any hostess, especially for the upcoming 4th of July Celebration. 


The Everyday Apron Sew Along winner of the GRAND PRIZE  that was randomly chosen for a $35 CREDIT to The Handmaiden's Cottage website AND a $15 CREDIT Seweird Fabric was....

Laura S.. 

Don't you just love her Macaroon Apron? 


Thanks to all the ladies who participated and helped me host my first sew along. I had a great time, I learned alot and I am looking forward to the next one. I hope you are all feeling inspired with the Everyday Apron Sew Along~ Round up. This pattern as well as other Apron Patterns can be purchased here 

If you are just joining us and would like to follow along from the beginning, you can catch up on the whole event here: 

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 Thank you for sewing along with the Handmaiden's Cottage!

 Until next time, 


Handmaiden's Cottage

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