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Everyday Apron Sew Along~ Day 3

Posted by Jaime Naples on

Everyday Apron Sew Along~ Day 3

Happy Day Three of the  Everyday Apron Set for Women and Girls  hosted by the Handmaiden's Cottage Pattern Group

One of my favorite things about a Sew Along is following the transformation from fabric to finished garment.  Here's some fabric inspiration from our  Everyday Sew Along Event

I am using Northcott LetteErPresS Fabric that I purchase from Happy Apple Quilts in Tampa, FL.There are so many words of inspiration on the bodice on these fabrics that I am inspired with each step of the process. 


Stacy is making 4 half apron teacher gifts and came across a tote bag panel in her stash. One of the sew along participants suggested that she use the "I love Teaching on the waistband. Such a great idea! 


Amna is using vintage looking towels to make an Girls Everyday Apron and I think it is coming along fabulously! 


I can't wait to show what the other ladies are making but for now...onto Everyday Apron Sew Along~ Day 3 !


Assembling the Bodice and Neck Ties

Before I  get started on the putting together the bodice, there are a few preparation items left to do:  

* Interface the waistband

* Make the Neck Ties and Waist Ties: *If you are choosing to use ribbon, you can skip this step.

I had mentioned yesterday on the Everyday Apron Sew Along ~ Day 2 that you can use wide ribbon instead of making your own neck ties and waist ties for the Girls and Women's Aprons. This can be a time saver if you are making several at at a time. I actually borrowed this idea from our pattern tester, Lucy, who make this adorable Ice Cream Sundae Every Day Apron: 

I almost went the Ribbon-for-the necktie- move but decided that for the Everyday Apron Sew Along, I should really try to make my own. Necktie (or Waist Tie) had been my nemisis because when I used patterns constructing your own ties,  it would take me a loooooong time to get them turned inside out. When I made some aprons for gifts, I would enlist the entire family for a who can Turn It Faster" contest that would take us all the better of 30 minutes! Then it dawned me as my Gingher Rotary Cutter lay resting beside me as I sewed, that I had been turning ties ALL WRONG. I am sure for the seasoned seamstress this is common sense.  For me, not so much until now. 

After I tried the new-to-me method, I had to laugh. It took me, um, less than a minute to make the necktie RSO. That is a savings of 26 MINUTES! I felt jumping for joy happy and a little silly, ok - alot silly all at once. 

Hem the Bodice Facing


I have done the Everyday Apron two ways when it comes to the Bodice facing, either using the Bodice Pattern Piece provided as in these two aprons. 

For a different option, I cut two bodice's for the  C'est la Vie Winter in Canvas, Joie de Vivre by Bari J. for Art Gallery Fabrics and will do the same for the LetteRpreS Apron I am doing for the Sew Along. 

Bind and Add Pockets to the Side Front Skirt Sections

For the Doll version, this step is the same as the  Everyday Apron Set for Women and Girls. Baste Stitch the pocket to the side skirt in preparation for the bias binding tomorrow. 


 Add Neck Ties to the Bodice. 


For a fully lined bodice, it should look like this: 

Add Facing to the Bodice and Topstitch

I am still deciding on the applique placement on the bodice so I will continue with this part of the pattern tomorrow. To learn more about how to place the applique with a  Which one do you prefer? 




And that is it for Day Three of the Everyday Apron Sew Along, See you tomorrow!


Handmaiden's Cottage

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