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Pattern Play with Elizabeth!

Posted by Lynn Jeffries on

Pattern Play with Elizabeth!

Hello everyone!

As tomorrow, February 27th. is the start of the Elizabeth Pinafore Sew-Along in the  Facebook Group, I decided to add a little "flutter" and a pretty bow to the Pinafore, because well, who doesn't like more options?  

First of all, you will need the original Elizabeth Pinafore Pattern Pieces as we are going to do a little modification to the front and back bodice in just a few steps!

1.  Print out your pattern pieces in the appropriate size.

2.  Tape a piece of paper behind the pattern pieces.

3.  Draw a straight line from the top of the shoulder to the bottom edge of both pattern pieces to eliminate the scallops. 

4.  Cut along newly drawn lines and you are ready to proceed with the flutter sleeves.

Next, grab your FREE flutter sleeve pattern pieces! Just add to your cart, checkout and you will receive an email with the link to your pattern pieces!

Let's sew!

Take your new pattern pieces and add the flutter sleeves!

1. Narrow hem the curved edges of both sleeves. 

2. Gather the straight edges of the sleeves and place them RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER along the outside edge of the bodice that you have already assembled according to the Elizabeth pattern directions. Pin and stitch using a 1/2" seam allowance. 

3.  After attaching both sleeves, fold and pin them down so that the ruffles don't get caught in the seams when you add your facings!


4.  Proceed following the Elizabeth Pinafore pattern directions.

After you have Elizabeth all finished, you can easily add a pretty bow on the back!

1. Cut 2 strips of fabric approximately 4" wide  by 22" long.

2. Narrow hem both long edges and one short edge of the strips.

3. Right Sides Together, align the short unhemmed edges of the strips with the edges of the back bodice and "pleat" to the width of the waistband. 

4.  Stitch in place! 

5. Fold over and tie a pretty bow!

Elizabeth has a "growth pleat" and I opted to use a border print and skip the pleat altogether.  To do this, cut your skirt pieces 5 inches shorter than the measurements on the cutting charts in the pattern and hem normally.

I hope you will join us in the sew along!







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