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Everyday Apron Sew Along ~ Day 2

Posted by Jaime Naples on

Everyday Apron Sew Along  ~ Day 2

Welcome to Day Two of the Everyday Apron Sew Along! 

It's not to late to "Sew Along" with us. The  Everyday Apron Set for Women and Girls is still on sale so grab your pattern and hop on over to the  Handmaiden's Cottage Pattern Group.  Once you join the group, we will add you to the Everyday Sew Along Event. I can tell you that there are some gorgeous fabric selections from our participants and I am SUPER excited to see the finished Everyday Aprons. There are also daily giveaway opportunities so please join us so you don't miss out on creating a beautiful apron and a chance to win the Grand Prize $35 website credit to the Handmaiden's Cottage  AND  $15 store credit to Seweird Fabrics. For more information on the Everyday Apron Sew Along, check out yesterday's blog post: Everyday Apron Sew Along ~ Introduction ~ Day 1

A note about the 18" Doll Everyday Apron Pattern Pieces: The Everyday Apron Set for Women and Girls pattern set also includes the 18" Doll Pattern pieces so your American Girl Fan can match her favorite doll. While there aren't formal instructions for the doll version of the Everyday Apron, you can easily follow along with either the Girls or Women's version. I will also be discussing the doll pattern pieces through out the sew along too and right here through out the sew along.

Day 2: Cutting Out Pattern Pieces 

Both the Everyday Apron Set for Women and Girls have the same amount of pattern pieces. The cool thing about both patterns is that there are instructions and layout diagrams using 44" wide fabric and 16" toweling fabric. If you are making the 18" Dolly Everyday Apron, either layout diagram will work and you can even use a fat quarter or your favorite fabric scraps from your stash.  

  Our  Handmaiden's Cottage Pattern Group admin, Stacy, will be making four half aprons in the sew along. If you would like to make a half apron version you can skip cutting the bodice, bodice facing and the neckties.

Cut out fabric pieces for Bodice & Bodice Facing

 For the Girls and Women's Versions, you will cut  one bodice pattern piece and one bodice facing. The difference with the doll version is that instead of the bodice facing, you will cut TWO Bodice pattern pieces. I will be making the women's version and I am going to cut two bodices instead of the bodice facing for mine. If you are using lighter fabrics for the bodice, I recommend doing it this way so that you do not see the bodice facing though the bodice fabric. I will share more on that as we get to the assembly portion of the sew along. 

Cut out fabric pieces for Center Front Skirt & Side Front Skirt, & Pockets

When I was making the last set of the Everyday Aprons, I made one Women's, a Girls size 8 and a 18" doll using C'est la Vie Winter in Canvas, Joie de Vivre by Bari J. for Art Gallery Fabrics and a plain black cotton fabric that I had on handAs I was cutting away, I had accidentally cut the wrong fabric for the side front skirt. That's what I get for trying to do three aprons of different sizes at once. Oops!


It took me a second to figure out how to save the pockets and side skirts without having to cut those pieces. Knowing that I didn't want a color blocked look,  I decided to cut a piece of the C'est la Vie Winter fabric using the folded portion of the pocket pattern piece and sew it to the black fabric. See below a better explanation of what I did :)



It actually worked out nice because the lining to the pocket is not visible and this would prevent using those expensive fabrics that no one is going to see anyway. 

Cut out the Waist Ties, Waistband, and Waistband Lining

Follow the pattern instructions for the Women's Version and/or the size chart for the Girls version, sizes 3T-8yrs. Depending on whether you are using the 44" wide fabric or the 16" toweling, there are two size charts for each pattern and the measurements in Steps 1 and Steps 2 of either pattern. For the doll pattern pieces, the measurements are provided. To make things go quicker, I have used ribbon to match the width of the measurements provided. 

Cut out  the Neck Tie Strips

Again, follow the instructions for the appropriate pattern you have selected on the measurement charts provided in either the women or girls. To save time, you can also use ribbon in place of fabric. The doll version provides the measurements need for the Neck Tie Strips. 

*Optional* Make Double Fold Bias Binding or Use Pre-Made

 If you prefer to make your own Double Fold Bias, both the women's and girls apron patterns provide detailed instructions on how to make your own. You can also use ready made bias if you prefer. 

 And that is it for Day Two of the Everyday Apron Sew Along, See you tomorrow!



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